4 Tips for Becoming a Successful Business Owner in the Wake of the Pandemic

July 13, 2021by Gloria Giacinto

The pandemic changed the way people experience and view life and work. It hit the economy and small businesses incredibly hard. However, as the nation emerges from the pandemic and takes shaky steps towards recovery, opportunities have arisen for entrepreneurs like you to ride the tide of new startups, create your business and begin pursuing your dreams.

In the wake of COVID-19, experts are now pointing to multiple factors that make this the perfect time to achieve your entrepreneurial goals, including cheap marketing and an influx of available talent desperately searching for employment. Interest rates are lower and businesses shut down by the virus are looking to sell equipment, making it easier for you to acquire it for affordable prices. Notary Crazy presents four tips to help you take advantage of these circumstances and seize your chance to succeed as a business owner.

Stretch Your Startup Capital to the Limits

Regardless of whether you receive your initial funding from a bank loan, investor, family member, or some other source, you have a limited amount of capital to use to get off the ground and survive until your business produces enough profits to sustain itself. Do not start making big purchases as soon as you have access to the money.

Carefully plan out your spending by writing out and analyzing necessary expenses. Assign a certain amount to each category (payroll and hiring, tools, operational costs, soft costs, etc.) in a budget. Don’t spend anything until you have thought about it for longer than a couple of hours. Consider your decision, then put it out of your mind for a few days before coming back to it. 

Consider Seeking Legal Counsel

There are many fees, documents, and regulations surrounding businesses. Advice from professionals can help you avoid legal missteps that may result in fines and other consequences. For drawing up contracts, a lawyer is often necessary, and engaging the services of a notary like Notary Crazy is advisable.

Monitor Your Startup’s Financial Health

Keep a balance sheet that shows your enterprise’s financial situation. Analyze it regularly, as it shows a snapshot of the company’s fiscal condition at one point and evolves over time. Peruse your income statement and cash flow statement. The former shows you information like revenue growth and your ability to repay debts. The latter reveals the flow of money in and out, possibly allowing you to see areas where cuts can be made. Use financial ratios for evaluation. This can help you correct potential problems, make better decisions, and improve business. 

Invest in Keeping Your Accounting Organized

Organize your accounting to avoid mistakes and inaccuracies and save time, money, and effort in the long run. Use software for invoicing and so much more, ideally an automated platform that processes batch invoices without the need to manually enter in details. Similarly, consider an automated payroll system to make paying employees easier and faster and reduce hassle and worker dissatisfaction. Try to find software for invoicing and so much more. Utilize cloud-based business applications like a cloud-based enterprise resource planning system. Keep personal finances completely separate from business ones.

While starting a business right after a pandemic may not have seemed like a sound idea, circumstances make now a great time for it. Making the most of your initial capital, staying organized, using legal resources, and keeping tabs on finances can help you find success. –Amy Collet