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Remote notary law became effective in Colorado on December 31, 2020 thanks to Colorado SB20-96. Many of us spent much of 2020 performing remote notarizations under the temporary authorization and rules suspending the in-person requirement for notarizations. Approved Colorado Remote Notaries can now confidently provide remote notarizations as a service to our clients going forward. Colorado remote notary law requires the use of real time audio-video communication so that the notary and signer(s) can simultaneously participate and witness the notarial act in real time. Documents executed via remote notary technology will be signed electronically by both the notary and remotely located individual in separate locations.

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Notary work is considered essential business so I’m still working and busier than ever! Here’s what I’m doing to make the signing as safe as possible: 1. I wear gloves and a mask, and you too preferably! 2. You use your own pens (loan signings must be in blue!) 3. I sanitize everything when I’m done (your ID and our work space) Call me today for all your notary needs! Thank you!

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It’s not enough to have a great marketing team, a great way to advertise, or a dedicated network of clients. The most successful real estate agents will play a vital role in connecting the entire real estate process; from the home search to the notarization at closing.

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